"A friend recommended Jabeen Khan who is a Reiki master and had great benefits. It has been a good integrative therapy for me too. I suffered quite a lot and was always fatigued and depressed with chronic upper back pain, anxiety and lack of sleep too. I suffered tremendously with IBS too. Jabeen Khan was my life saviour, I did my first reiki session with her, not knowing what to expect, I went in with an open mind. Jabeen explained how long distance Reiki healing provided the same benefits as in-person sessions. She is very caring, calm with a gentle personality. She is very patient and a good listener and put me to ease straight away. She uncovered root causes and in my experience receiving treatments from Jabeen has resulted in less pain, great sleep, improved energy levels, sense of balance, increased clarity of self which has led to a profound and positive impact on my overall well-being. I definitely and highly recommend her to people who are looking to better themselves mentally and emotionally."
Shaheen Day
"My session with Jabeen was amazing! She was so kind and knew exactly what needed to be addressed and released energetically (even down to pinpointing the age of a significant life event I'd been through without my saying anything about it!). She brought up what she was intuiting in a very senstitive way and there was nothing about the session that made me feel awkward or infringed upon. She was even kind enough to remind me to drink lots of water and rest as there had been a lot that came up in that session in particular. I left feeling like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders! Can't wait for my next session with her!"
"I went through a very difficult time when my uncle passed away suddenly and tragically about 3 years ago and that's when I met Jabeen and heard about energy healing. She was able to help me heal and get the closure that I needed. In the last few years I have had different issues where she has always connected with me and I have felt so much better. Energy work is just so powerful and works even across continents! Jabeen is patient, kind, understanding and walks you through the whole process. Really amazing!"
"At times I have had really extreme pelvic and lower back pain and not known what to do as I have Endometriosis. Every time Jabeen has supported me with distance reiki it has relieved my pain tremendously. Reiki energy is very gentle and deeply healing as it supports the entire body holistically. Jabeen is highly skilled and gifted in working with energy, she is easy to work, loving and compassionate and takes great care in her work. If you have never tried Reiki, I highly recommend working with Jabeen as she is naturally talented in energy healing."
Naureen Khan
Personal Power Coach & Teacher, London
"Jabeen has contagious energy and has supported me through my lower days in my life. She has a peaceful soul and truly loves what she does. She has helped me with my emotional well-being by lifting the negative energy around me and teaching me to turn it into positive energy. I always feel my peace after speaking to her. Keep up the good work!"
Farhila Khan
Toronto, Ontario

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